The Might of Rome

CaesarVerse offers players a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in ancient Roman history and experience the thrill of gladiatorial combat. Players can collect and train gladiators, participate in historic events, and battle against other players in the arena.

What sets CaesarVerse apart from other Web3 games is its attention to historical detail. Players will encounter real-life historical events such as the Punic Wars and the fall of the Roman Republic, and will be able to interact with historically accurate depictions of famous gladiators such as Spartacus and Commodus.


In addition to its rich historical setting, CaesarVerse offers a robust in-game economy based on blockchain technology. Players can own and trade their gladiators, weapons, and other in-game items, and can even earn rewards for their performance in the arena. This creates a vibrant and dynamic gaming community, where players can compete, cooperate, and build their legacy as a true gladiator of ancient Rome.

Whether you're a history buff or just a fan of fast-paced, action-packed gaming, CaesarVerse is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. Join the ranks of Rome's most legendary gladiators and become a part of gaming history in CaesarVerse!



In CaesarVerse, players can not only collect and train gladiators, but also collect ownable assets that enhance their in-game experience. These items offer a range of benefits, from boosting stats and abilities to enhancing the appearance of a player's gladiators.

One of the key features of CaesarVerse's asset ownership is their true digital ownership. Players can collect, trade, and sell their digital items on the blockchain. This not only adds another layer of excitement to the gaming experience, but also allows players to truly own their in-game accomplishments.

With a wide range of ownable assets available, each offering unique benefits and aesthetics, players can personalize their experience and make their gladiators truly their own. Whether it's rare weapons, special abilities, or unique cosmetic items, CaesarVerse's asset ownership offer players a way to stand out and make a statement in the arena.

The Collection

The initial 1000 pieces and 6 collections will be made up of 6 classes of gladiators, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, armor, and weapons. Master their traits in order to achieve victory in the arena and rise through the ranks on your path to glory!


  • Initial Mint: Q2 2023

    Our first mint will consist of 6 first edition gladiator classes, each with their own distinct fighting style. These gladiators can be customized with authentic weapons and armor to maximize their strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

  • Playable Demo of Gladiator Combat (PvE): Q2 2023

    Utilize your gladiator in arena combat training to sharpen your skills and your weapon. Prepare for greatness in the months to come!

  • Capua Environment: Q2 2023

    Roam the world of Capua and see one of the iconic towns of Rome brought to life. With market stalls, NPC’s, and iconic landmarks such as the Amphitheatre of Capua.

  • Multiplayer Matchmaking for Gladiator Combat: Q3 2023

    Compete with other players to climb the leaderboards and gain valuable rewards. Customize your gladiator to suit your unique style and engage in both solo and team battles in your quest for eternal glory.

  • Launch of Chariots and Horses NFT Collection - Q3 2023

    Prepare to travel far and wide with a trusted mount. With expanded inventory and travel benefits, steeds and chariots will allow players to quickly traverse terrain and explore the vastness of the Roman Empire.

frequently asked questions

When will you launch the complete game?

We are aiming at launching the full title in late 2024. An exact date will be announced closer to launch.

Will I need to buy a season pass? What is premium?

No, but a premium account will allow for the faster accrual of XP and provide priority access to exclusive in game rewards and other content.

When do you plan on minting?

The official mint date will be announced soon, follow us on Discord and Twitter for the announcement! Active community members will gain access to exclusive rewards and whitelist spots.

What items will be available in the first mint?

The first mint will consist of gladiators in one of six classes. These characters can be upgraded to enhance their characteristics and will have First Edition bonuses.

How do I buy real estate?

Real estate will be introduced closer to full release, with an in-game construction system allowing resources to be utilized in the construction of villas and facilities.

Can I play without nft’s?

Yes it is possible to play without NFT’s, but many in-game rewards will be in the form of NFT’s in order to provide the player with true ownership of their achievements.

What is in-game asset ownership?

In-game asset ownership in CaesarVerse refers to the ownership of asset ownership, such as horses and cosmetic items within the game. These asset ownership are stored on the blockchain, allowing players to truly own and control their in-game assets.

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